January 2023


A design, development, research group based in NYC.

Spiritual Engineering is a technology & design studio, nestled somewhere between Brooklyn and We exist as a small team of designers, engineers, and artists.

We make shocking, playful, beautiful, painful, and most importantly, spiritual things for friends, enemies, clients, and ourselves.

Spiritual Engineering's primary commercial focus is delivering high-performance experiences using the best available technologies (we make websites fast).

A core tenet of Spiritual Engineering is openness & sharing. Apart from the business side of things, we release and maintain a suite of free tools, one-off sites, and free typefaces for all. Check out labs for more info.

Our process

Let's talk about your project
Research, competitor analysis & interviews
Initial Concepting
Hardcore design & development sprint
Collaboration & Feedback
Teamwork makes the dream work

Our tech stack

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